Due to multiple events and activities, Sundays are not available for use of the church.

Please note the time you will arrive to begin setting up for your event, not the start time of the event.
Please note the time as the time you expect to be leaving Speedway UMC after any teardown and cleanup.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to be responsible for enforcing the following rules of the church:

  1. No smoking or controlled substances, including alcohol, are allowed in the church building or on the property.
  2. All furniture, such as tables and chairs, will be put back as they were found.
  3. Any trash accumulated will be put in proper receptacles and taken to the dumpster.
  4. Please remove all signage from doors when your event is over.
  5. You and your guests are only permitted in the room(s) / restrooms that have been approved on your Facility Request Form.
  6. During the pandemic, we follow the Marion County requirements such as masks and social distancing.